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We are proud to introduce as Hub of Natural Herbs. Our Products include Organic Turmeric Powder, Herbal Bath Powder, Herbal Hari Oil. As a Second generation of Turmeric powder provider, we have enhanced with additional products of Herbal Bath powder and Herbal Hair Oil. Its immense pleasure to launch all our products in the brand name of ARONAM since July’2020.
Our Vision is to be Gateway of multiple Organic products with consistency of delivering natural benefits. Our mission is to Pursue benefits sustainability of Organic products and enhance scalability of Organic Products.

Why We

Unique properties of our products give natural benefits for customers as per expectation. Our Turmeric powder is an icon of Organic Herbs with natural benefits which can be used as foodstuff, cosmetic and Medicine. Our cosmetic products of Herbal Bath powder and herbal Hair oil are contents of only natural herbs which supported to be used by all level of action and people.


Turmeric Powder


Our Turmeric Powder Nutritional facts are
Energy (354Kcal),
Total Fat of,
Protein 8.0 gm,
Carbohydrate 65.2gm,
Dietary Fiber 24.4gm,
Cholesterol 0.0mg,
Sodium 37.5mg,
Calcium 176mg,
Iron 42mg,
Vitamin A 0.2mg,
Vitamin C 7.0 mg.

As per experts Studies, Turmeric have many benefits including strengthening the overall energy of the body, relieving gas, dispelling worms, improving digestion, regulating menstruation, dissolving gallstones, and relieving arthritis. Turmeric, used in cooking and in home remedies, has significant antioxidant abilities at different levels of action. It has strong antimicrobial properties.

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Herbal Bath Powder

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Our Herbal Bath Powder is made of 21 Herbals which are Kasthuri Manjal, Vasambu, Poolan Kizhanlangu, Shenbagha Flower, Aavaram Flower, Nannari, Athi Mathuram, Rose Petals, Hibiscus Flower, Sandal Wood, Green Gram, Magilam Flower, Badam, Korai KIzhlangu, Mari Kozhlunthu, Dried Orange Husk, Dried Lemon Husk, Vettiveeru, Thirumanjal Pattai, Multani Metti, Saffron. All Herbals are properly dried in nature with Sun light and well grinded for the result of usage. Its 100 % home made Herbal bath powder (it can also be called as Nalangu Maavu) which can be used by all age of people.

(i). It can be used as Face Mask before bath for glowing Skin. Take 2 tablespoon of Herbal bath powder and mix it gently with small amount of water (or) curd until it becomes as paste form.
(ii). Apply on Face and dry it for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse it with water for glowing skin.
(iii). It can be used directly for bath instead of Chemical Soaps for better results.

Regular use of Herbal bath powder results in Glowing Skin, Removes Pimples and Dark spots on skin. Turmeric content in the bath powder results for antibiotic and avoids bacterial effects. Overall result of Herbal bath powder is Chemical free freshness and its aroma makes your day pleasant.


Herbal Hair Oil


Our Herbal Hair Oil is made of 100 % wood pressed Coconut Oil with add-on of Natural Herbals which are Hibiscus Flower, Curry Leaves, Alovera Gel, Dried Amla, Tulsi Leaf, Neem Leaf, Methi Seeds, Vettiveru, Henna, Black Cumin, Karichalankani Leafs, Aavaram Flower, Agathi Leaves, Rose Petals.

For better result apply this Oil before Bath for about 30minutes and take bath. You can feel the freshness and avoid oily face throughout the day.

Our Herbal Oil helps for intensive hair growth which acts as natural conditioner and supports for Hair density. It helps to reduce Grey hair and controls frequent hair fall. It also supports to prevent dandruff. Primarily, major benefit of Herbal Oil is to reduce Body Heat and keeps you relaxed for whole day.

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